Rainbo Featured Skaters

Featured Skaters is a series that features skaters that we have found to embody what is great about skating. This week's featured Skater is Kellyann Dushane from Chicago.  Kellyann won the Rainbo Facebook Skater of the Month Contest. Like us on Facebook so you can look out for future Rainbo Facebook Skater of the Month contests, and you can get a chance to be a Rainbo Featured Skater. 


Kellyann is an accomplished Freestyle 5 skater from Chicago, Illinois.  She most recently won two 1st place medals from ISI Nationals this past year and is looking forward to another year of great skating.  Here is an interview we had with Kellyann last year. 

Rainbo: How long have you been skating? How old were you when you started?

Kellyann: I began seriously skating when I was 12. I knew I wanted it to be more than something fun, I have been skating now for 5 years.

Rainbo: Why did you start figure skating?

Kellyann: I remember watching skating on the tv as a little girl and thinking “I want to do that!” so when the opportunity came to start I did.

Rainbo: What advice would you give a new skater?

KD Photo
To never give up. I know everyone says it, but its true. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from doing what you love.

Rainbo: Who is your figure skating idol? Why?

Kellyann: Johnny Weir!!!!!! The fact that he started late at 12 too and made it so far in skating really inspired me. He’s a great skater and entertaining to watch. I also look up to Michelle Kwan and Rachell Flatt and like their skating styles!

Rainbo: What is your daily/weekly workout routine?

Kellyann: I skate 5 to 6 days a week and try to work-out everyday. Before anything I always stretch. When I get on the ice ill do a warm-up my coach Jackie showed me. Ill then go through the easy jumps and spins before working on new/harder things. Once I go through everything ill usually run my programs.

Rainbo: What is/was the hardest jump/move for you to learn?

Kellyann: Probably the axel. Beillman spins were a bit of a challenge but nothing like the axel.

Rainbo: How do you prepare for competitions?

Kellyann: I usually go skating and run my programs a lot more the week leading up to the competition. The day before and day of the competition ill go over my routine in my head marking where I need to be on the ice.

Rainbo: How do you juggle school and figure skating?

Kellyann: I do on-line school so its easier for me to get to the rink at times. Ill try to get in a few classes before skating then finish them when I get back from the rink.

Rainbo: What kinds of skates/blades do you wear? Why did you choose that style?

Kellyann: I wear the SP-TERI zero gravity with the ULTIMA PROTÉGÉ blades. When I was being fitted at Rainbo, they said I need a light weight boot, and those were the ones that felt the best. I love them so much!

Rainbo: What kind of products do you look for when purchasing figure skating essentials?

Kellyann: I love buying skating jackets and pants. If I see a jacket that has a nice fit ill get it. Same goes with pants.

Rainbo: What is your current favorite figure skating product?

Kellyann: A Chloe Noel skating jacket that has a skater doing a layback all out of rhinestones on the back.

Rainbo: If there were a product that would help or make your figure skating life easier what would it be? (can be anything, even if imaginary)

Kellyann: Something that would help you land all of your jumps!

Rainbo:  What is your current favorite song to skate to?

Kellyann: I have a lot! The top ones would be “Springstein” by Eric Church, “Back in time” by Pitbull, and  “The edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

Rainbo:  What is your favorite color? Why?

Kellyann: Blue not sure why, I think its pretty.

Rainbo:  What do you usually wear while practicing?

Kellyann: Tights, a pair of Chloe Noel Pants, a t-shirt and a skating jacket!

Rainbo:  Have you won any awards? If so which ones?

Kellyann: I have a lot of medals and trophies from competitions, but my favorites are my two 1st place medals from ISI Nationals this year!

Rainbo:  What is your ultimate skating goal?

Kellyann: To consistently land my axel.

Rainbo:  Does anyone in your family have a figure skating history?

Kellyann: My mom used to figure skate when she was younger but had to quit because of an injury.

Rainbo:  Do you participate in any other sports or extra-curricular activities other than skating?

Kellyann: Not at the moment. I am just staying focused on my skating, but before skating I did ballet for 10 years.