Champions in Life Award Winners


Coach's Corner is a series of blogs from Olympic Skating Coach and Grassroots to Champions founder Audrey Weisiger.  This week's article comes straight from Audrey's Grassroots to Champions organization and is the foundation for their Champion in Life award. Note that several of the past award winners are pictured above. They just announced this year's Champions in Life award recipients; Tim Dolensky, Kaetlyn Osmond and the Harmony Theater Company. 


I have been fortunate to work with some of the best figure skaters in the world and some of the greatest people I have ever met. I am so happy to know that my life's work has brought forth many winners, stars, heroes and champions. I am also grateful for those who have been a part of what has been my cause for over 40 yrs.

Here are my thoughts on winners, stars, heros and champions.

A winner is the one who, on that day, out did all others, they were better than all their
competitors and are acknowledged for their performance that day.

A star has irresistible charisma regardless of their actual substance of performance, they can
be the center of attention with or without a competent performance.

A hero is someone that is respected for their unfailing effort, the one that never waivers
whether they are successful or despite failure, and continues to strive to do their best
regardless of result. They gain respect because of their belief in the cause.

A champion is a combination of all of the above, one who has demonstrated the ability to 
win, to have overwhelming appeal, to persevere and persist in all situations and demonstrates
all of these qualities over a period of time that allows us to become followers and believers in
that person and what they represent. A champion has longevity that gives hope and
inspiration to others that would aspire to become what that person represents.

My goal is to make champions.