Skating Coach

This is the first in the series of Coach’s Corner tips by Audrey Weisiger.  Audrey is one of the top skating coaches in the world and a mentor to some of the greats in skating and beyond.


There are many great coaches and the right coach for “Suzie” might not be the right person for you.  How do you know who is the coach for you?  There are several factors to consider when making this very important decision.

In my G2C seminars I relate what I consider the role of any good coach.  First, to inform with correct information and use effective means of communicating the information, secondly, to be a manager and planner for the skater and finally, they must be a role model, especially for the young children we work with on a daily basis for hours on end.   If you are fortunate to find a coach with these critical traits, book your lessons ASAP!

Most people want to know what qualifications the coach has.  I recommend looking into the resume of the coach. The Professional Skaters Association has a rating and ranking system that is useful in determining experience.  It is a good idea to look at some former pupils that coach has trained and observe their style of teaching.  Keep in mind that credentials, although important, are only as valuable as the relationship you and your coach will have as a team.  Think about your own personality and how you learn best.  Some people need lots of explanation, information and like to talk about skating as much as do it.  Other skaters are the “just tell me what to do so that I can go do it”  type and like more action and less talk in their lessons.   If you can determine your own personality, it can help you pick a coach.

Another critical factor is the availability of the coach and how your schedule meshes with their open lesson time.  You must weigh the amount of lessons you need with the coaches’ schedule and also what level of commitment your potential coach can offer.  The needs of an elite skater can become consuming and many great coaches work with a team of coaches to insure that the pupils will receive adequate attention.

I suggest you request some trial lessons with any coach to see if you are a good fit.  Most top coaches want to create a harmonious relationship with their pupils and want the student to be comfortable in their lessons so it is important that all parties, skater, coach and parents communicate well to insure maximum progress and a good experience for all.

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