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Your World is a series of blogs on all things figure skating by Jo Ann Schneider Farris,'s Figure Skating Expert.  In this blog post, Jo Ann shares about her visit to Rainbo Sports' store.


I am writing this blog post during a skating related trip to the Chicago, Illinois. My daughter, Rebekah, and I skated at the Winnetka Ice Arena, the Robert Crown Center in Evanston, and at the Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodbridge.  It's freezing outside, but ice rinks in Chicagoland are as busy as ever.

We took a trip to the Chicago's famous Museum of Science and Industry before the weather turned frigid. Rainbo Sports's retail store was on my list of other places to visit during our Chicago trip, and I'm glad we dropped by the company's Glenview, Illinois store. I got to meet some of Rainbo's staff, but I also got to see, touch, and purchase several of the products Rainbo Sports includes on the company's website.

Jason Brown Poster at RainboRebekah and I left the store with a laces, soakers, skating clothes, and other figure skating essentials and accessories, and a highlight of our Rainbo store visit was signing the poster that the Rainbo store's operators, Linda and John, had prepared for 2014 US Men's Silver Medalist and 2014 Olympian Jason Brown. Skaters from all over the Chicago area are so proud of Jason, and their warm wishes will be sent directly to Jason on a wonderful poster before he heads to Sochi.

There were so many touching notes on that poster!  It is obvious that Rainbo's customers and all the figure skating fans in the USA are so excited and happy for Jason Brown.  When he goes to the Olympics, I truly believe the support and send-off that figure skaters and ice skating fans from Rainbo Sports and its customers will give Jason a boost.  

It seems like every figure skater is somehow connected to another figure skater, and Rainbo Sports has connnected figure skaters from all over the world for over forty years! How cool is that?!

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