Here at Rainbo we are just CRAZY for all things purple! Spring could not arrive soon enough, so we are gearing up with lavender and other shades of purple to put us in the warm weather mood!

Purple Passion at Rainbo Sports


Starting with our lavendar soakers and brand new Chloe Noel Tiger Blade Blankies soakers! These fun soakers are unique as the tiger is striped in shades of purple!  Not to mention, we are offering our favorite centipede guards in purple gelz and purple glitz- they are the easiest way to update your skating accessories!

Next we are on to some other of our favorite accessories! Every skater needs to hydrate on and off the ice, why not do so while holding your go to Figure Skater plastic water bottle! Refillable so you wont ever run out! 

As four our favorite Purple clothing we are gearing up in Rainbo’s new Rhinestone collection burnout t-shirt! Perfect for on or off the ice- this shirt is accented with a rhinestone “skate” image! 

You cant go wrong with our Chloe Noel Rhinestone Spiral Jacket and two tone swirl pants either, it’s the perfect go to piece in your skating wardrobe and the rhinestones give it that extra flair to show off your personality!

And just like in the past when purple was often associated with royalty, who wouldn’t feel like an ice princess in this beautiful tye dye skate boot tshirt


** FUN FACT **

Did you know that ancient dyes used for coloring fabrics and for various forms of art were made from a type of sea snail called the murex??!!!??

Happy skating! 


Lale Ketcham

Merchandise Specialist