Jason Brown

Your World is a series of blogs on what's happening in the figure skating world by Jo Ann Schneider Farris, About.com's Figure Skating Expert. In this article, Jo Ann shares information about Olympic figure skater Jason Brown who will be representing the USA in Sochi, Russia.


On Sunday, January 12, 2014, at the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Chamipionships in Boston, after winning a silver medal in the Champonship Men's event, it was announced that Jason Brown qualified for the 2014 U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team. His friendly manner, smile, and remarkable skating has won the hearts of ice skating fans. When he skates, practices, and performs he shows joy on the ice. It is common for Jason to say hello to everyone he meets and pass around hugs. 

Below are ten things you may not know about Jason.

1. Birthday

Jason Brown was born on December 15, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. He is nineteen years old.  He is the first teenage male figure skater from the USA to make the Olympic figure skating team since 1976.

2. Hometown

Jason Brown calls Highland Park, Illinios home.

3. Early Skating

Jason Brown began skating when he was three and a half years old when he and his sister signed up for group ice skating lessons so his sister would feel comfortable at an ice skating birthday party.  He has been skating ever since.  He won the US National Juvenile Boys title in 2007 and the US National Junior Men's title in 2010.

4. Coach

Jason Brown's longtime coach is Kori Ade who has taught him since he was five years old.

5. Equipment

Jason Brown skates on Jackson boots and Ultima Matrix blades.

6. Long Hair

Jason Brown's long ponytail is his trademark. He has received mixed responses from ice skating fans and figure skating coaches on whether he should cut his hair. Thirty coaches at the Professional Skaters Association conference took a poll on whether or not he should cut his hair. Fifteen voted in favor of cutting his hair, and fifteen voted against Jason getting rid of his ponytail. Jason wonders if his skating would change if he cut his hair.

7. Education

Jason Brown graduated from Highland Park High School. He attended classes straight through from 8 am until 12:25 pm with no breaks. The school was very supportive of Jason's skating training and schedule.

8. Other Talents

Jason Brown plays the piano. In addition to being a single skater, he did pair skating for three years. He likes working with and inspiring children. He also enjoys paddle boarding and bike riding.

9. Trains in Colorado

Jason Brown followed his longtime coach Kori Ade to Colorado in March of 2013. He skates and trains at the Colorado Sports Center in Monument, Colorado. His choreographer is Rohene Ward who also relocated to Colorado from the Chicago area.

10. Skating Club

Jason Brown represents the Skokie Valley Skating Club.

We wish Jason all the best in his Olympic quest.

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