Here at Rainbo we are just crazy for Metallics! From our Metallic Glitter Puffy Soakers to a full range of Metallic Se_Ku products we are ready to hit the ice and make a statement in our newest of products!

Skaters can get bored with wearing the same style of practice wear both on and off the ice, why not bring the trend of Metallics and Jewel tones to the rink! We are proud to feature our best Metallic pieces in this week’s blog posting.


Crazy for Metallics Skatewear


Se_Ku has updated some of its favorite products with Metallic accents featuring skirts in solid or printed Metallic, stretch shorts with Metallic trims and Jackets too !

Shop our newest addition to our Puffy Soaker Family in our Metallic Glitz! Perfect for adding a little flair to your favorite skating ensemble!  

These items are so fashionable, that you will find yourself wearing them from the rink to the street and everywhere in between!


Happy Skating!

Lale Ketcham- Merchandise Coordinator