Crazy Figure Skating Video

Skating News is a series of blogs on what's happening in the figure skating world by Jo Ann Schneider Farris,'s Figure Skating Expert. In this article, Jo Ann gives news about a wonderful music video that celebrates the joy figure skating can bring  to one's life.


Sue and Michael Smith, the parents of Shayna Smith, a young figure skater and synchronized skater from Massachussetts, decided to surprise their daughter with a very special music video for her Bat Mitzvah celebration. Little did they know that their video would not only be a "hit" among Shayna's family and friends, but also in the ice skating world.

The idea for a figure skating video that honored their daughter came about one day when Shayna's parents and ten year old brother, Aaron, talked in their kitchen in May of 2013 about a way to surprise Shayna on her very special day. Once the idea of a figure skating video honoring Shayna's skating came about, production plans began.

Sue, a very knowledgeable ice skating mom, provided her creative husband, Michael, with a list of figure skating terms and items. With that information in hand, Michael put together a script and lyrics that parodied the "G-Rated" version of the music video "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring Wanz. Sue spent hours and hours finding video footage of Shayna's skating that showed off their daughter's figure skating accomplishments.

In early August of 2013, the Smith's famly and friends, came together while Shayna was at camp and over a three day period, filming took place. Northern Lights Entertainment, a Boston based professional video production company, took video footage at the Smith's home and at the North Star Youth Forum Ice Skating Facility in Westborough, Massachusetts.

"It was a fun experience for all involved," says Sue Smith. "For example, the skating dad who wore the orange suit and jumped over Zuca bags kept asking what we wanted him to do next. My husband doesn't usually wear a long fur coat, dance and rap, or ride on a kids' razor scooter, so we all got to see another side of him. Shayna's friends got to be silly on the ice and in front of the Zamboni. The skating moms at the rink danced and moved in the bleachers."

It was important to Shayna's parents to make the video show everything involved in Shayna's "figure skating life," so her coaches, friends, rink employees, and even the owner of the pro shop where the Smith family purchases skates and accessories became "cast members" in their creative figure skating parody video. Shayna's Jackson skating boots and blue colored blades and even her Mondor over-the-boot tights got attention.

All was kept quiet and somehow, almost miraculously, the existence of the video was kept a secret from Shayna until her Bat Mitzvah celebration day on October 5, 2013. When the video was shown by the DJ at the beginning of her Bat Mitzvah party, she reacted with an open mouth and was in shock.  

"Shayna's still in shock!" says Michael and Sue Smith.  "She's overwhelmed by the attention.  We are proud of our daughter and we are so happy that we could give our child the gift of skating, but also provide her with this creative figure skating memory video that she'll have with her for the rest of her life."

Shayna's surprise figure skating video has already received more than 4,000 clicks on YouTube and does a wonderful job of showing the happiness that figure skating can bring into one's life. Take the time to watch it. You will smile!

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